• Omg I love your shop! Where are you based?
    We are based in South Wales, UK!

  • I'm an international customer, can I buy from you? 
    Sadly not at the moment, BUT (& it's a big old but) I'm hoping this is something we will be able to offer in the near future!
  • Can I place a bulk order for one item? 
    (This exceeds the quantity of 10 for one single item) Woohoo! Yes! Rather than place this through the website, fill in our Contact Us form & we can accommodate this for you!
  • What Courier do you use?  
    At the moment we use Evri for all orders, once your order has been dispatched a tracking number will be emailed to you! 
  • Shit, my item has arrived damaged! What do I do?!
     I'm so sorry this has happened, please fill in our Contact Us form with the following details;
- Order number
- Photo of the damaged item
- Your full name
- If you'd like a replacement or refund

We will then raise this with our Courier & Supplier for investigation & get back to you. Please note, all claims for damaged items must be reported within 5 working days of receiving the order.
We do not issue refunds based on generally used items.

  • How do I use your lidded burners?   
    OK so here's the FYI, 
- all burners are to be used with caution, at no time should these be EVER left unattended.
- None of our burners are to be used with lids on, this will cause them to over heat.
- A 4hr Unscented tealight must be used...none of these 8hr bad boys from discount stores!
- & last but not least, common sense! Do not leave it lit for 8hrs, do not over fill it with 7 wax melt cubs & definitely don't light the bugger & walk off!

  • I've only got half my order, where is the rest?
     Don't worry my pretty! We dispatch from two locations, one being a central warehouse in Swansea. Depending on what you've ordered means the delivery will be split, but we will try to group the order/items to one delivery where possible! If your delivery is indeed split we will send you two tracking numbers.

  • My order shows delivered, but I don't have it?
     Firstly, that's crap! Secondly fill in our Contact Us form, as all deliveries are fully tracked we can get proof of delivery along with GPS coordinates from the Courier! 
Do not ever advise of a safe place if you don't have one (we aren't joking with this one, we once had an order signed for by a bush) & delivery will normally always be attempted 3 times. 
  • I have my order & I'm not happy with it!  
     I'm really sorry to hear that, please don't just jump on to social media & say we're rubbish! Use our Contact Us form & I will try my very best to resolve any issues you have! Please remember we are a one witchy woman new business trying our very best! 
  • I don't like the items you sell & I'm not happy about it! -
    Great news! In the magical age of 2023 if you see something online you don't like, you can literally scroll on & click off or go hell for leather & block Us! No-one is making you buy or view anything & any negative feedback about how we are deviants selling witchcraft & satanic items will be filled under 'bin & ignore'.
  • "Hi, I'm a blogger/Influencer"  
     Let me stop you right there, we are not currently interested in any sort of collabs, even if you have 50k in followers. If we ever wish to work with someone, rest assured, we will reach out to them directly.
  • I’ve placed an order, but I want to add to it/amend it?  
    Unfortunately this is not something we offer. Once an order is placed it cannot be amended. The order gets placed in an automated que & is processed immediately. The only thing we can do is cancel your order, but we must be notified within 15 minutes of the order being placed. If an order is cancelled your refund is not instant, this completely depends on your bank/card issuer & can take 3 to 5 working days (excluding weekends) to be received back. 
  • Can I have some discount? Pretty pleaseeeee?!
     If/when we are running any promos or discounts, don’t you worry we will let you lovely lot know! Once a discount code has ended, it’s very much RIP to that discount code, you can’t save them up like shiny stickers to use sadly!